Thank you for taking a moment to visit and learn more about Greenlea Dental Center, P.C., Your safety and satisfaction guide our dental decisions, and we approach Dentistry taking your overall health into consideration. We evaluate your health history carefully, and assess your lifestyle factors to find ways you can improve your dental health through nutrition, hygiene, and other practices. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best high quality oral health care in a gentle caring, safe environment. We use materials that have been evaluated and tested, and utilize equipment that is thoroughly tested and proven to be safe. Our Staff and Providers are very friendly and ensure that you are comfortable. We are committed to providing patients with timely, thorough and accurate information to make informed decisions about their oral health and treatment. We want to make each visit comfortable, informative and affordable.


Dr. Judy Greenlea Taylor, CEO


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Are you located in a different area and need a Dentist closer to you? Although Dr. Taylor’s compassion has allowed her to reach out to patients throughout Georgia and the U.S. providing them extra means to access her office via Convenient late office hours and some weekends in addition to transportation assistance when feasible, it is our wish that access does not impede anyone from receiving needed oral healthcare. Dr. Greenlea Taylor is a Leader in the Dental Profession and staple in the community, and has worked with many Dental Providers and Specialists throughout Georgia, the U.S and abroad and will be happy to refer you to a reputable colleague closer to your area.


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